Trial Exhibits

Give your trial exhibits the winning edge. It all depends on how you present it. We at have the experience of excellent trial exhibits helping you with the winning presentation.

A trial often requires the enlargement or blowing up of pictures. This allows the attorney to highlight the important facts and show the accurate picture to both the witness and the jury. With the help of trial displays there are less chances of missing out.

Foam-core and gator-board backed prints can be easily damaged, are not waterproof and are difficult and expensive to ship and transport. Our unique backing material solves all those problems.

We enlarge the pictures digitally, which is faster and less expensive.

We print gorgeous full color on polyester “paper”, laminate with a matte laminate. This eliminates the glare trouble you can have with glossy pictures and protects the print. We mount the print on a special plastic backing material that allows the print to be rolled up for shipping and transportation….then springs out flat and solid when unrolled….our trial exhibits will sit on a tripod display stand perfectly.

We also print all kinds of digital files in the form of charts and graphs, damage calculation, timelines, flowcharts and more. Our experienced and skilled designers can help you design your exhibits.

If you prefer, you use your own designs. All it takes is sending your design files to us and we will take care of the rest.

Your exhibits are shipped right to your doorstep right on time for your trial. In fact, we offer free shipping on all orders over $85.

We ship all the files within 24 hours of receiving an order.

We work with you every step to ensure you the best trial exhibits and to put you in the winning side of a trial.

Print Size and Price: Laminated and Mounted

24″ x 36″……………..$78 Each

30″ x 40″…………….$105 Each

36″ x 48″…………….$135 Each

Free standard ground shipping on all orders over $85.