6 Benefits of Printing Photos on Canvas

6 Benefits of Printing Photos on Canvas

As a famous French photographer, Bruno Barbey once said “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”. However when it comes to photographs in hard copies, the majority of us will instantly think of regular glossy piece of paper, inserted in a rectangular frame. For many decades, this was the only option of storing memories of places and people. However, due to ever evolving technologies, nowadays much more sophisticated versions of printing are available on the market. Printing on canvas is one of them.

What is printing on canvas?

Printing on canvas implies printing the image of your choosing on canvas, stretched onto a frame. Photos printed on canvas look considerably more professional and are much less prone to fading, cracks and deterioration in general. Printing photos on canvas is the favorite type of printing of many photographers, as these canvases can be displayed in galleries.

printing on canvas

Below are the key advantages of canvas printing:

Exceptional Durability

Have you ever thought about the reason why photographs of famous artists, displayed in the galleries, are printed on canvas? Have you ever seen a traditional photograph, displayed before large audience in a period of several years without any signs of deterioration? The answer is likely – no. The reason lies in the fact that traditional photo printing method has many limitations, such as proneness to fading, attrition and general deterioration. Printing on canvas allows keeping and cherishing memories for many years without any loss of quality.

Professional Outlook

Photos printed in large are usually used as a decoration pieces for offices and halls in administrative buildings. Naturally, glossy images quickly become tainted, and fade at a quick rate due to the unfavorable conditions. Therefore, those of us who want to have professional pieces of art in their offices prefer photos printed on canvas. You can actually order a reproduction of a world-known art piece and print in on canvas. Thus, you will be able to admire the work in your office.

Simple Editing

Printing photos on canvas allows you to modify the images in every possible way, fitting them to the size that will suit you the most. For example, you found an amazing panorama of Victoria Falls and think that it will look gorgeous if divided in several panels. In such case, you need to choose a qualitative canvas printing service, for instance and use their constructor to modify the image according to your preference. Moreover, if you deem necessary to insert something in the picture – you can easily do so, creating a modern and mesmerizing decoration for your living room or office.

3D effect

Printing on canvas provides a chance to create a painting-like effect with any photograph you choose. Imagine a poster and a painting: which one looks professional and elegant? Painting – no doubt about it. Canvas prints are stretched onto frames and do not have glossy effect, which is why they look like art due to being raised over the surface of the wall. Frames that are usually used for canvas printing are made of wood, which is why they are also eco-friendly.

Simple Framing

When you are fixing a traditionally printed photo to look good on your wall, you are faced with a choice of possibilities and combinations of options that not always lead to the desirable result. After all, it is rather hard to make a flat photo an eye-candy of your apartment. With canvas printing you have no such problems – just choose the width of the frame and the type of wood you want it to be made of and you are good to go. You photo will look like an art piece for a very reasonable price.

photos printed on canvas


Overall, if you are intending to print a large photo and use it as a decoration in your office, living room, bedroom or any other premises – you should definitely choose printing on canvas. Photos, printed on canvas look professional, are less prone to deterioration with a flow of time, and possess three-dimensional effect.

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