Benefits of Giclee Printing

Benefits of Giclee Printing

Perhaps many of us have heard the term giclee printing, however not everyone understands its meaning or the printing process it describes. Giclee printing is first of all – high-class printing, distinguished by impeccable color accuracy as opposed to color accuracy of other methods of making a copy. Giclee printing is most frequently used by fine and digital artist, as well as photographers. The process of giclee printing involves high resolution scanning of an image and its subsequent printing on various media, using qualitative inks .

The benefits of giclee printing:

Giclee printing is perfect for artists, who do not require mass prints of their wok, but find it necessary to print the scanned image from time to time. The beauty of giclee printing lies in the fact that once the image is scanned, it can be archived and no additional work is required to prepare the file for subsequent prints. The cost of this type of printing is also quite reasonable. Besides, the scanned image can be printed in any size on any media, available for digital printing.  Moreover,if the artist deems necessary to customize his/her print – it can be easily done and the cost will not change.

Advantages for Fine Artists

Fine artists can benefit from giclee printing by offering limited edition prints to their clients, who don’t have enough funds to buy the original, but still want to enjoy the artwork.Besides, limited edition sales increase the reach of the piece and make it recognizable within the circles of true connoisseurs of art. Apart from that,some artists use giclee prints as a media for the artworks that they supplement with intricate textures.

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Advantages for Photographers

Photographers, who are invited to provide their work in the galleries, most frequently use giclee printing. In such cases, giclee large format printing allows to transfer all shades of color on acid-free paper and coat the artwork in film that will keep it from fading. Some photographers even use giclee printing on metal to achieve not only exceptional results in terms of colors, but also secure durability of their pieces. Giclee printing on metal cost a bit more,but the results are truly gorgeous and durable.

Target audience for giclee printing

Although every person can take advantage of giclee printing, it is most frequently used in art galleries,museums and photography exhibitions. Due to the nature of giclee printing process, durability, perfect colors and resistance to fading distinguish the artworks, printed by this printed methods.


Giclee printing is an amazing printing method that provides prints of outstanding quality. It allows customization of the scanned image and the cost of each print is quite affordable.

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