Guide To Choosing A Professional Printing Company

Guide To Choosing A Professional Printing Company

Nowadays, choosing the right printing company can truly be a challenge – there are too many companies, offering a confusing amount of packages and prices. Therefore, you need to set your focus and clearly define what you are looking for in a printing company. Is it affordable prices, high quality of printing, competent staff, capable of helping you with any request or all of the above? The most frequent reasons for addressing a professional printing company is one’s desire to improve company’s image and reachability, make important announcements or promotions known to wide masses and most importantly, attracting new customers. It is true for business of any size or nature. So how shall you start choosing?

Here are the guidelines that will help you make the right choice and find reliable printing company:

Start with learning the basics

Before you embark into a journey of choosing a suitable printing company, you should most definitely learn about the types of printing. There actually exist only two – digital and offset. Digital printing is highly customizable and affordable for small to medium orders; however, its quality is not top-shelf and can sometimes appear pixilated.

Offset printing can boast of impeccable quality, but is suitable for large orders as the price per print decreases with the number. The more you order, the cheaper your copies will be. Nevertheless, due to the specifics of printing process offset printing offers only exact copies. For example, you will not be able to change names on wedding invitations with offset printing, while with digital printing you will be able to do it easily.

Finding a printing company

Despite the fact that you may have heard about some printing companies, it is much better to make your research online. Sit comfortably and browse printing companies in your locations. Consider prices, experience and compare overall impression you have of the company.

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Check the quality of work

In order to see the printing company in action you can actually ask to see samples of their work. Remember, printed materials will have crucial impact on the opinion of your potential customers, which is why it is highly important to check the quality of work of the company you are hiring to print your order.

Assessing the reliability of a printing company

Experience matters a lot, which is why you should look for printing companies that have considerable experience – no less than 10 years. Diversity of services also matters. You would want to have all your order to be completed by one company, rather than searching several and moving half-done product for a finishing touch.

Check for a good reputation

The beauty of internet lies in the fact that you can check whether the company has good reputation, 5-stars reviews and so on. Obviously, if a company has good reviews and 5-stars testimonials – it is a safe bet that they are good.


If you know exactly what you are looking for, choosing the right printing company should not be a problem. Just determine which type of printing is suitable for you and make your research online to see what other people have to say about the company you choose.

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