Benefits of Giclee Printing

Perhaps many of us have heard the term giclee printing, however not everyone understands its meaning or the printing process it describes. Giclee printing is first of all – high-class printing, distinguished by impeccable color accuracy as opposed to color accuracy of other methods of making a copy. Giclee printing is most frequently used by fine and digital artist, as well as photographers. The process of giclee printing involves high resolution scanning of an image and its subsequent printing on various media, using qualitative inks .

The benefits of giclee printing:

Giclee printing is perfect for artists, who do not require mass prints of their wok, but find it necessary to print the scanned image from time to time. The beauty of giclee printing lies in the fact that once the image is scanned, it can be archived and no additional work is required to prepare the file for subsequent prints. The cost of this type of printing is also quite reasonable. Besides, the scanned image can be printed in any size on any media, available for digital printing.  Moreover,if the artist deems necessary to customize his/her print – it can be easily done and the cost will not change.

Advantages for Fine Artists

Fine artists can benefit from giclee printing by offering limited edition prints to their clients, who don’t have enough funds to buy the original, but still want to enjoy the artwork.Besides, limited edition sales increase the reach of the piece and make it recognizable within the circles of true connoisseurs of art. Apart from that,some artists use giclee prints as a media for the artworks that they supplement with intricate textures.

giclee prints

Advantages for Photographers

Photographers, who are invited to provide their work in the galleries, most frequently use giclee printing. In such cases, giclee large format printing allows to transfer all shades of color on acid-free paper and coat the artwork in film that will keep it from fading. Some photographers even use giclee printing on metal to achieve not only exceptional results in terms of colors, but also secure durability of their pieces. Giclee printing on metal cost a bit more,but the results are truly gorgeous and durable.

Target audience for giclee printing

Although every person can take advantage of giclee printing, it is most frequently used in art galleries,museums and photography exhibitions. Due to the nature of giclee printing process, durability, perfect colors and resistance to fading distinguish the artworks, printed by this printed methods.


Giclee printing is an amazing printing method that provides prints of outstanding quality. It allows customization of the scanned image and the cost of each print is quite affordable.

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Guide To Choosing A Professional Printing Company

Nowadays, choosing the right printing company can truly be a challenge – there are too many companies, offering a confusing amount of packages and prices. Therefore, you need to set your focus and clearly define what you are looking for in a printing company. Is it affordable prices, high quality of printing, competent staff, capable of helping you with any request or all of the above? The most frequent reasons for addressing a professional printing company is one’s desire to improve company’s image and reachability, make important announcements or promotions known to wide masses and most importantly, attracting new customers. It is true for business of any size or nature. So how shall you start choosing?

Here are the guidelines that will help you make the right choice and find reliable printing company:

Start with learning the basics

Before you embark into a journey of choosing a suitable printing company, you should most definitely learn about the types of printing. There actually exist only two – digital and offset. Digital printing is highly customizable and affordable for small to medium orders; however, its quality is not top-shelf and can sometimes appear pixilated.

Offset printing can boast of impeccable quality, but is suitable for large orders as the price per print decreases with the number. The more you order, the cheaper your copies will be. Nevertheless, due to the specifics of printing process offset printing offers only exact copies. For example, you will not be able to change names on wedding invitations with offset printing, while with digital printing you will be able to do it easily.

Finding a printing company

Despite the fact that you may have heard about some printing companies, it is much better to make your research online. Sit comfortably and browse printing companies in your locations. Consider prices, experience and compare overall impression you have of the company.

reliable printing company

Check the quality of work

In order to see the printing company in action you can actually ask to see samples of their work. Remember, printed materials will have crucial impact on the opinion of your potential customers, which is why it is highly important to check the quality of work of the company you are hiring to print your order.

Assessing the reliability of a printing company

Experience matters a lot, which is why you should look for printing companies that have considerable experience – no less than 10 years. Diversity of services also matters. You would want to have all your order to be completed by one company, rather than searching several and moving half-done product for a finishing touch.

Check for a good reputation

The beauty of internet lies in the fact that you can check whether the company has good reputation, 5-stars reviews and so on. Obviously, if a company has good reviews and 5-stars testimonials – it is a safe bet that they are good.


If you know exactly what you are looking for, choosing the right printing company should not be a problem. Just determine which type of printing is suitable for you and make your research online to see what other people have to say about the company you choose.

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The Advantages of Custom Printed Business Cards

Business cards have appeared in 19th century and since that time have faithfully served people of various professions for their business promotion. Nowadays, their importance has not diminished even a bit, despite the appearance of multiple ways of business promotion online. Business card provides that feeling of a personal touch that no website can ever provide. With a flow of time business card printing has evolved and now one can order creative and custom business cards that are capable of promoting business in an interactive an engaging way.

Below are the advantages of custom printed business cards:

Form of advertisement, tested by time

Advancements in technologies contribute to the appearance of a multitude of advertising methods, from TV commercials and billboards to website banners and promotional e-mails, nevertheless if your business is concentrated on local catering and you tend to meet your clients personally, business card is the best way to keep your business in your potential client’s mind. After your business meeting is over – your custom business card will be the only thing your client will have left. It will remind him of you and your business.

Increased Credibility for your business

It is not a secret that people have more trust in business, when they see a face or talk to someone from the company. Thus, custom printed business card will be a piece of physical presence of your company. Customization of your business cards allows you to not only surprise your prospects with original design, but also increase their trust, as out-of-the-box approach to your business card customization will serve as a testament to your or your company’s ability to find unusual way of problems resolution, if any issues arise.

Diversity of materials

Currently, one can choose from a great variety of materials for business cards: plastic, magnetic, epoxy magnet, you name it. Unusual materials and customization will allow you to create stunningly beautiful business cards. For instance, manufacturer of metal-plastic window can order a transparent plastic business card with original window design.

plastic business cards

Convenience of use

Due to the small size, business cards are very easy to carry in the pocket, which is why one can carry a great number of cards and provide them to the potential clients anytime an opportunity presents itself. One can also place a business card on a bulletin board or leave it with cashier in a supermarket to increase reach-ability of its business.


Custom business cards are an elegant way of promoting your business. Customization allows you to find outstandingly creative and interactive solutions that are capable of attracting new clients in no time. Even if you use a website as your primary way of products’ and/or services’ provision, website’s address can be indicated on your custom business cart, increasing the reach-ability of your business.

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Offset vs Digital Printing: Which One Will Suit You Best?

Technological advancements in printing industry opened a wide row of possibilities. Nevertheless, greater amount of options sometimes translates into higher level of confusion. Customers simply don’t know which type of printing will suit their needs best and why. Both offset and digital printing are marvelous technologies, providing a multitude of great options and features each. However in order to help those of us, who are uncertain about the method they should choose – we will discuss advantages and shortcomings of each of these methods.

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing implies transferring images from aluminum plates to a sheet of rubber and then transferring this image to a sheet of paper. In other words, offset printing means that ink is not transferred onto the paper directly.

What is Digital Printing?

As opposed to the offset printing, where plates are used to transfer images, digital printing uses toners or larger printers that use liquid ink. Digital printing is usually used for small to medium orders, where each image must either be name differently or modified in compliance with certain criteria.

digital printing vs offset

Advantages of Offset Printing

The first and main advantage of offset printing is high quality of the printed images.

Apart from that, offset printing allows working with a wide range of surfaces, such as paper, metal, plastic, wood, leather and cloth.

Offset printing is ideal for large orders, because the more you need to print the less you will pay for each unit.

Recently there have appeared computer-to-plate systems of offset printing that allow further improvement of image quality.

Offset Printing Cons

Turnaround time is much longer in offset printing.

Cost is considerably higher, unless you’re planning on ordering large quantity of printed products.

Requires more workers – offset printing requires at least two operators and the set up procedure is quite time-consuming.

offset printing vs digital

Advantages of Digital Printing

Setting up digital printer is very easy, which is why turnaround time is amazingly quick.

Apart from that, digital printing guarantees that all copies with have the same saturation of colors, which offset printing cannot guarantee.

It is ideal for small or medium printing, because cost is very affordable for small printing runs.

Digitally printed materials are highly customizable, which comes in handy when you’re printing for example wedding invitations and need them to be the same except for the name. In such case replacing a name on each invitation will be a breathe with digital printer.

Digital Printing Cons

Digital printing does not allow very large sheets to be printed; it has limitations that are not characteristic of offset printers.

Lower quality remains one of the main shortcomings of digital printing. No matter how high is the resolution of the original, large images of it, digitally printed will still have pixelated outlook.


If you are in a hurry and have a small order – by all means you should choose digital printing, however in case you are interested in high quality, have enough time to wait and need a great amount of copies – offset printing will be the right choice.

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Digital Printing Trends for 2016

Success of every business depends on the company’s ability to advertise itself and attract new customers. Ever-evolving marketing strategies stimulate the development of advertising-related industries and digital printing is one of them. It provides much more freedom to the companies, catering both, international and local markets. Witty business cards, engaging promotional materials and simply an unusual and original “thank you for the purchase” letter can bring you loyal customers, who will be addressing you for the products they need.

Digital printing has many applications. For instance, at the moment it is widely used it package printing as well as interior decorations. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that has a stronghold in marketing.

Below we outlined the most popular digital printing trends for 2016:

1. Pastel Shades

People react to color in a different ways, nevertheless there are common notions about the essence of each color, in other words – what does each color represents. For example, orange represents happiness, joy and liveliness. Nevertheless, the majority of manufacturers, who want their advertising materials to carry the color palette of their brand, disregard the fact that some colors may be unpleasant to their clients. However, if they choose the same color, but of a calmer shade – the effect may be quite impressive.

pastel shades

2. Technological improvements

One of the most important advantages of digital printing is quick turnaround. Combined with decent quality and abundance of colors, digital printing is slowly winning over offset printing. Therefore, companies that manufacture printing equipment are working on improving digital printing and adding new features. New types of canvas, better color palette, more accurate prints. This year will be about the new developments and innovations in digital printing industry.

3. Large Format

The growing demand in industrial sized prints will continue to grow this year, which is why more and more companies are developing printers for larger sizes of prints. Printing for billboards, doors and other extensive surfaces, capable of serving as a space for advertising is a primary goal of every printing company, offering its services to a large audience.

4. Printing promotional materials for direct mail

As surprising as it may sound in the era of digital marketing, direct mail becomes increasingly popular. Being tired of spam and online advertisements, people will be much more likely to read hard copy of your promotional materials, which is why promo materials printing for direct mail will remain a prevailing trend in 1016.

5. Demand on finishing will continue to rise

Simply printed photo looks rather bleak nowadays due to the great amount of splendid finishes that can make your photos or promo materials much more striking and beautiful. Embossing, foiling or die-cutting will remain popular in 2016.

Bottom line:

Modern marketing techniques create the demand in new, innovative printing features that companies manufacturing printers are trying to meet. However, as in case of direct mailing – new and exited things can actually be old, but well forgotten ones. What digital printing trends are going to be the most widespread this year in your opinion?

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6 Benefits of Printing Photos on Canvas

As a famous French photographer, Bruno Barbey once said “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”. However when it comes to photographs in hard copies, the majority of us will instantly think of regular glossy piece of paper, inserted in a rectangular frame. For many decades, this was the only option of storing memories of places and people. However, due to ever evolving technologies, nowadays much more sophisticated versions of printing are available on the market. Printing on canvas is one of them.

What is printing on canvas?

Printing on canvas implies printing the image of your choosing on canvas, stretched onto a frame. Photos printed on canvas look considerably more professional and are much less prone to fading, cracks and deterioration in general. Printing photos on canvas is the favorite type of printing of many photographers, as these canvases can be displayed in galleries.

printing on canvas

Below are the key advantages of canvas printing:

Exceptional Durability

Have you ever thought about the reason why photographs of famous artists, displayed in the galleries, are printed on canvas? Have you ever seen a traditional photograph, displayed before large audience in a period of several years without any signs of deterioration? The answer is likely – no. The reason lies in the fact that traditional photo printing method has many limitations, such as proneness to fading, attrition and general deterioration. Printing on canvas allows keeping and cherishing memories for many years without any loss of quality.

Professional Outlook

Photos printed in large are usually used as a decoration pieces for offices and halls in administrative buildings. Naturally, glossy images quickly become tainted, and fade at a quick rate due to the unfavorable conditions. Therefore, those of us who want to have professional pieces of art in their offices prefer photos printed on canvas. You can actually order a reproduction of a world-known art piece and print in on canvas. Thus, you will be able to admire the work in your office.

Simple Editing

Printing photos on canvas allows you to modify the images in every possible way, fitting them to the size that will suit you the most. For example, you found an amazing panorama of Victoria Falls and think that it will look gorgeous if divided in several panels. In such case, you need to choose a qualitative canvas printing service, for instance and use their constructor to modify the image according to your preference. Moreover, if you deem necessary to insert something in the picture – you can easily do so, creating a modern and mesmerizing decoration for your living room or office.

3D effect

Printing on canvas provides a chance to create a painting-like effect with any photograph you choose. Imagine a poster and a painting: which one looks professional and elegant? Painting – no doubt about it. Canvas prints are stretched onto frames and do not have glossy effect, which is why they look like art due to being raised over the surface of the wall. Frames that are usually used for canvas printing are made of wood, which is why they are also eco-friendly.

Simple Framing

When you are fixing a traditionally printed photo to look good on your wall, you are faced with a choice of possibilities and combinations of options that not always lead to the desirable result. After all, it is rather hard to make a flat photo an eye-candy of your apartment. With canvas printing you have no such problems – just choose the width of the frame and the type of wood you want it to be made of and you are good to go. You photo will look like an art piece for a very reasonable price.

photos printed on canvas


Overall, if you are intending to print a large photo and use it as a decoration in your office, living room, bedroom or any other premises – you should definitely choose printing on canvas. Photos, printed on canvas look professional, are less prone to deterioration with a flow of time, and possess three-dimensional effect.

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