RPG Maps

Make your game exciting with our custom RPG Maps. Are you tired of boring maps with dull colors? Or maps that stain or wrinkle when they get wet? What about those maps that won’t lay flat? You are in the right place if you are looking for the next evolution in d&d maps.

Our grid maps are Digitally Printed on long lasting polyester paper and backed with flexible polystyrene with a protective layer of laminate on top. The laminate works great to protect your map while allowing you to use Dry Erase, Permanent or Wet Erase markers. RPG Maps will lay flat for use, even after being rolled for storage.

With our large format printers and digital capabilities, we can custom print any map you can dream up….just let us know how we can help. Select from our standard, high quality, durable maps with great color…..or design one yourself. We are here to help ensure you have a memorable game.

The mat area is 36″ x 46″ and features a 34″ x 44″ grid map. The squares measure 1″ x 1″. The grid is printed in a light grey to allow markings to be easily seen. We produce maps with honeycomb and square grid layouts on any standard color.

Maps are available in our 4 custom designs. Green GrassBrown StoneBlue WaterGrey Stone (please specify which design you would like to purchase). Maps also make a great gift. Or To bring your very own game to life, select from our standard patterns or email us with your design file.

Have your own grid map idea? Send it to us, we will print it for you!

Price: $40 Additional charges may apply for a customized grid map.